2016 International EvGrand Prix Champions

Kennesaw State University

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2016 EvGrand Prix Champions

Decatur Central High School

Purdue University and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, along with our many other sponsors are excited to showcase how the M-STEM3 program is a great way to engage our young people to pursue the science, technology and math skills they will need for the future while exposing them to the excitement of racing. Electrical Go-Kart races along with an academic challenge in the High School and Collegiate level are designed to ignite the imagination and skills of our nations bright youth. Our high school series will be located in Indiana during the 2016-2017, around the Midwest in 2017-2018 and national 2018-2019. The Collegiate series has featured colleges from the world including Europe and Asia. It is more than just a race, it is a college and career readiness program that will prepare all levels of students for life after school.   

We are curently looking for high schools, colleges, and sponsors around the country. If you are interested in finding out more information about partipating in the series or as a sponsor, please contact us at white66@purdue.edu or fill out the following form.